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As we approach almost a year into our new way of life, this discussion is still so relevant. Mothering in a Pandemic is a conversation between myself and Dr. Shelly Orlowsky, Psy.D., Licensed ... See more

We originally meant for this conversation to focus around pregnancy and postpartum during the time of COVID-19, but the talk really evolved and covered much more than that. A helpful conversation for ... See more

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Miss setting up the RIE play space.

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RIE® 31st Annual Infant-Toddler Conference for Parents and Professionals

Across the Lifespan: Educaring® Changes Lives

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Photos from RIE Bred's post

Oldies but goodies. When you need to do the research this is where I go.

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RIE Bred play space. Be as creative as you want. Pieces from a puzzle create a fun cozy corner. Extra puzzle pieces in the colander.

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Engaging in Your Child's Play Without Interrupting - Janet Lansbury


Golden nuggets from Janet Lansbury.

A parent hopes to encourage her 21-month old’s self-directed play by sitting with her in her play area observing, “ready to respond if she engages with me.” Lately, she says, her daughter has ... See more