2 days ago
We're All Scrambling: Talking With Parents About These Interesting Times

Teacher Tom. Scroll down and watch video. Thank you Hari for ... See more

With millions of preschoolers staying home from school, we suddenly have millions of parents scrambling to figure out ...

1 week ago

What does your play space look like at home? Please send photo's with descriptions. Let's learn from each other. This photo was taken in our RIE class. This baby was the first one to arrive. The ... See more

1 week ago
The Big List of Children's Authors Doing Online Read Alouds & Activities

For parents and children everywhere!

Get reading and writing!

1 week ago

Is your toddler pushing heavy furniture across your living room floor?

Children love to push objects because it allows them to physically control more then their own body. Pushing incorporates ... See more

2 weeks ago
Miami Children's Music

My favorite teacher Ms. Ashlee at Miami Children's Music.
St. Patrick's day might have passed but dancing is timeless, a great release of tension and brings so much joy! Dance, dance, dance! Love ... See more

It is St. Patty's Day, and not the usual party on South Beach, BUT, I truly feel, with all my heart, that we can dance and sing and make music and spread love and joy, even at a distance.... by the ... See more

1 month ago
Making Awkward Small Talk With My Baby


More research on the importance of talking to your baby.

Magda Gerber highlighted the importance of talking ... See more

I barely knew this child, and narrating the world for her felt impossible.

1 month ago
Photos from RIE Bred's post

Feeling grounded exploring with feet and toes.

1 month ago
Parenting and Social Media

A mother reached out to me about navigating the world of social media as a respectful parent. Here are a few ... See more

Question: What are some strategies to consider when navigating the world of social media as a respectful parent?This is a very thoughtful question and one that

1 month ago

"When children play, the teacher's role is to step back and observe. Play flourishes when adults support it in a skillful and subtle manner. If adults are too involved and directive, play ... See more