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My steps were missing. Found it in the art room. 🙁😊 Not sure whether to laugh or cry....Noah’s Ark....

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The Fewer Toys Children Have, The More They Play - Raised Good

I know I sound like a broken record...


We're lead to be believe that if a little is good, then more is better. But, the irony is when it comes to toys, the fewer kids have the more they play.

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"Giving infants time, space, and skillful support to develop physically is crucial. As babies learn to move, they discover that they can affect themselves, objects, and other people. Each new ... See more

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Newborns at Pittsburgh hospital dressed up as Mister Rogers to celebrate World Kindness Day

Along with the signature red cardigans, the babies at UPMC Magee-Women’s Hospital are also wearing Rogers-inspired knit booties.

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"Even if the baby is crying, it is better to let her stay with her discomfort while you prepare the bottle or the food rather than holding her insecurely with one arm while clumsily opening the baby ... See more

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Not Just Cute - Intentional Whole Child Development

Such an interesting, organic experiment occurred when two professors moved abroad with their families and found vastly different early childhood experiences.

"Pasi Sahlberg came to the U.S. as a ... See more

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Pikler USA

What an amazing week of learning from the experts at Pikler Institue. Thank you, thank you, thank you Pikler USA

Congratulations to the participants of our Gross-Motor Development course! Thanks for being with us.

“The question is not how we can ‘teach’ an infant to move well and correctly, using ... See more

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Screen Use Tied to Children’s Brain Development

From a brain science point of view, what young children need, Dr. Hutton said, is “experiences that are going to reinforce these networks more robustly.” If screens are taking the place of ... See more

In a study, preschoolers who used screens less had better language skills.

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