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Engaging in Your Child's Play Without Interrupting - Janet Lansbury


Golden nuggets from Janet Lansbury.

A parent hopes to encourage her 21-month old’s self-directed play by sitting with her in her play area observing, “ready to respond if she engages with me.” Lately, she says, her daughter has ... See more

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RIE Play Space
Setting up a safe, cozy, restful corner. Look around your play space. Do you have a cozy corner?

1 month ago

Rolling, finding balance.

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When To Wean The Baby

One of my favorite articles on how and when to wean your baby with love and compassion. Hand in Hand Parenting


How do you know when to wean your child? When you ask your friends and family when to wean, you’ll get advice that ranges from “Any time you want after the first few months,” to “Your child ... See more

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Photos from RIE Bred's post

A few of my favorite things. Inexpensive “toys” (kitchen items) you can use over time.

1 month ago
Teacher Tom

We live in an era of adult intervention. The prevailing idea of parenting or teaching or babysitting is that we must constantly be guiding or teaching or correcting, that sitting and watching is ... See more

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Alanis Morissette: Ablaze (TV Debut)

This literally brought me to tears.


Musical guest Alanis Morissette performs “Ablaze” with a special cameo from her daughter for The Tonight Show. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Stream...

2 months ago

Rattles. Safe, simple, inexpensive.
RIE toys.

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Few moments....