What some of our parents are saying:

The RIE method was truly a blessing in my life as a parent. I was lucky enough to start classes with my baby quite early — when she was four months old. As a yoga teacher and a mindfulness guide I figured that most of parenting would be common sense and intuitive. And a lot of it is. But so much of the nuance that RIE offers is simply not what we are habituated to doing as parents, or even as partners in all relationships we inhabit.

The little things that are paramount in this method – going very slow with small children, speaking to them from the outset as if they were no different than any other person, giving them regular space to explore their world without any interference or help from us, being especially present in times of bathing, diaper changing and eating, and approaching times of injury or reaction with a calm and fluid demeanor – blew my world of parenting possibilities wide open. I can honestly say that my relationship with my child has a deep foundation of respect and teamwork that will serve us both as she continues to grow and move into adulthood. This long-game view of parenting is also one of the unexpected insights that RIE offered me; an understanding that the way we interact in her first years will be the ground we stand on in her teenage years. And another surprising thing is that my relationships in general have also benefited from the kind of conscious and centered respect and presence that RIE teaches. Lisa is a passionate and dedicated RIE practitioner and I could not imagine a better guide in this method. Do yourself, your children and the people around you a favor and study with her.


I want to start by saying that you and my RIE experience forever altered me and my path (in the best way possible).

My experience in RIE Bred from when my daughter was about 4-5 months until she was 18 months benefited not only me, but so many others. I know that it helped me, my daughter, my husband, the grandparents, friends and other moms I have been so fortunate to meet thus far.

Your class provides an incredibly peaceful and safe space not only for babies and toddlers, but for their caregivers. I honestly believe my daughter is the way she is today because of so many RIE principals I applied and continue to apply. I always respected and treated her as a person, not an object. I found my stride and confidence as a mother and learned about slowing down and taking breaths. I was able to meet other like-minded women, share, learn and even teach others because of RIE. My daughter’s independence and confidence today and her incredible communication skills have so much to do with her experience and exposure to Lisa and Rie.

Today, some of my closest friends are women I met thru RIE and my daughter continues to interact and play with friends she met in your class. It has been a true blessing and life altering experience for my family. Thank you thank you thank you.


We are so busy checking our list of things to do, that we don’t realize what a gift one hour of calm and loving observation time can really do.

R. Mitrani

You and RIE have given me (a) gift. It’s odd to think we need ‘permission’ to observe our children and not have to entertain them all the time, but I’m grateful to have learned that, to have you in my life and to have the gift of personal growth.

G. R-T

… RIE’s philosophy has really helped me find a middle ground during my difficult post-partum period. And after that… invaluable for reminding me to live according  to values I deeply believe in. You are the best teacher, too! Very kind kind and patient.


I heard about RIE through a friend who had nothing but positive things to say, both about the RIE method and Lisa Chariff-Better, the instructor. Everything my friend had to say about RIE totally resonated with me so I reached out to Lisa via email to see if I could get my son enrolled in her class.

From the time he was six months old until he turned two years old, my son, Khai participated in the RIE program. It was a time that we both thoroughly enjoyed once a week. He was free to interact with other children and explore in a safe environment. My role there, was to be present for him and observe – rather than trying to engage him or react to his experiences (like falling down or getting hurt). That may sound simple, but believe me, it is a skill that requires training and practice.

The environment is accommodated to the child so that they are free to safely explore, experience and discover. He doesn’t have to be told, “no”.

Not only did this course help my son to develop into a confident and capable toddler, it is also a zen parenting class. The parent learns…. To observe more, do less. To let go and trust the innate wisdom of their child. To first listen or communicate, then to act. The great gift of this class is that it shows your child he is a respected and capable, precious little person.


Finding RIE Bred and Lisa Better was an experience that shaped me as a mother and as a person. It changed my life for the better in so many ways. The group was the time in the week I most looked forward to. An opportunity to observe and just be. In a time where we over schedule, overstimulate and over-everything with our kids, it was refreshing and wonderful to find RIE. I connected with my son in a way that I never could have imagined or expected. As I watch him grow, (he is now 4) I still find myself referencing many of the things I learned with Lisa’s guidance and the supportive group of women. My son today is independent, confident, and happy…. it might be coincidence, but personally I think, no I know, the RIE approach has helped him flourish. I could not be more grateful to Lisa Better for helping me be the kind of mother I always hoped I could be.


Becoming a RIE parent has had a profound impact on our lives due to the philosophy and approach toward infants and children, as well as the generous and invaluable guidance of Lisa Chariff Better. The RIE principals are my calm within the eye of the storm when I feel overwhelmed as a mother and have helped me develop a strong and positive bond with my daughter that I feel very proud and lucky to have. Lisa has been an incredible and caring mentor in our journey as parents. Her presence in the group, knowledge, and genuine care outside the sessions for my daughter and myself have had a significant and positive impact on our family that I will always be grateful for. The weekly RIE group was a highlight for both myself and my daughter and I appreciate and miss seeing the families we met there.