This may be a stretch

A mother shares her feeling about her daughter leaving home to attend college. This could be a stretch but it reminds of RIE class. When children feel safe to leave their mothers side to venture off to explore the play space for the first time, some parents may experience a similar range of emotions. I believe the RIE Approach prepares […]

Looks like ADHD but is it?

Looks like ADHD, sounds like ADHD but is it really ADHD? In a recent Time Magazine article Dr. Hallowell writes: In the past decade there is a 50 % increase in the diagnosis of children with ADHD but their diagnosis is directly a by product in the context in which the child spends his or her time. “Screen – Sucking” […]

Talking to Children

I just watched this video and thought of a recent e mail I received last week from a mother who came to RIE class with her child from age 3 months to 18 months. They recently moved out of Miami and wrote to let me know how she and her now two year old son were doing. ” J. is doing […]

Here is a great article about the French method of parenting.

Gain knowledge through observation

Discover a parenting approach all about slowing down

Allow yourself to let-go and use gentle guidance

Tenderness and attention focused on your baby